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The Art of Letting God by Mizi Wahid

Title: The Art of Letting God

Author: Mizi Wahid

Publisher: Iman Publication

When Life is Upside Down

I am on this Chapter Six – Your Stops and Steps when I finally decided to pick up this book to take my mind away from the kids.

I am tired and need some time off, away from them for a while after episodes of drama since morning.

I just need something worthy to read, to ease my mind and justify either all my actions today is right or wrong.

And I have made a good choice, a very good one by choosing this book.

The burden of anger, regret and disappointment inside me slowly lifted away as I went through page by page.

It seems like most of words are explaining the situations I am facing and how to deal with it. How to fix it, how to get over it.

Sometimes we forget that we must turn everything to the Almighty, it is not our power to make things go our way. Sometimes we try hard to change things or people, even the situations we are in but we forget that Allah is the All Knowing. He will be the One who guiding our way.

Remember, we ask Allah 17 times a day for His guidance in surah al-Fatihah:

“Guide us to the straight path.”

(Quran 1:6)

Perfect Timing

I love how the author explained about putting our trust in Allah’s perfect timing.

We may think that we pray hard but none of our prayer is answered. We did everything we have been told to, but things seem not to change.

From our point of view, our life remains the same, nothing improves. Without noticing, we slowly giving up and losing hope.

But actually…

“You’ve been asking for something that you thought was going to bless you – but God knows better. Whenever He sees your request as something that has potential to do more harm than good, He denies. And by denying, He is actually giving.”

One of my favourite phrases in Chapter 10.

Yes, we are so much into our desire but forget that Allah is actually training us for something bigger.

Being Mom

I never thought I will be so easily triggered by the kids behaviour at home. I used to control myself from being loud and yelled at them but most of the times, I failed.

To arrange house chores with the deadlines (my freelancing job), at the same time have to put up with their dramas and rantings — really heat me up and burst.

Yes, shaytan wins in this game.

I forget, Allah give them to me (and my husband) these kids to teach us patience.

And for us to learn about life and the Creator – through them.

“Know that God has a plan for your life. Pray for the direction to follow it. Ask for the patience to wait for it. And seek for the wisdom to know when it finally arrives.”

We may face lots of challenges in raising the kids. The hardwork, the sweat, the tears but we never know what is His plan awaiting for us.

Keep praying and trust Him.

Thanks for this beautiful piece. The words are nicely written, touching deep down the heart.


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